Masseria Fragnale works daily to comply with the rules and protocols on hygiene and cleaning in order to contain the contagion from Covid-19 and the maximum safety of our guests and our staff.

The Structure believes that reminding guests of the contagion prevention measures, while believing that they are familiar with the new rules, represents a high form of hospitality.
Our goal is to keep up with the changes in the world of tourism following the pandemic, protecting your health and guaranteeing you a stay in complete tranquillity. Having few rooms and large green spaces allows, in fact, to avoid crowding in the common areas and areas and to guarantee social distancing.


Management Team, who:

  • Establishes a tailor-made action plan with the aim of preventing infections.
  • Periodically checks the implementation of the plan and the effectiveness of the measures taken.
  • Keeps a record of the important actions and measures taken in detail in terms of reception, cleaning and disinfection of common areas and rooms.
  • Provides guidelines to staff on how to communicate the action plan to guests.
  • Inform the staff of the behaviours to be followed in the facility and of the measures to be taken to protect their health and that of others including the recommendation to stay at home and consult a doctor if they have respiratory symptoms compatible with Covid-19 infection.
  • For the sole purpose of facilitating any Contact Tracing operations and in compliance with the privacy legislation, it keeps the information and personal details of the guests for 14 days following their departure.

Reception and Check-in management, who:

  • Maintain the tone of cordiality connected to the welcoming activity, avoiding, however, shaking hands, hugging or kissing guests and work colleagues.
  • Ensures the availability of alcohol-based hand cleanser dispensers with a 60-85% alcohol concentration.
  • Provides safety kits such as masks, gloves, disinfectants, and germicides for cleaning surfaces to guests who request it.
  • Perform online check-in and check-out to minimize contact between guests and staff. If guests check in on their own using a touch screen or keyboard, the devices are sanitized regularly to minimize transmission risks.
  • Ensures physical separation between reception staff, other staff and guests, preferably by means of a plastic or glass separator panel.
  • Ensures physical distancing between guests.
  • Acquires the self-certification required to limit the risk of contagion for each guest.

Breakfast management, who:

  • Arranges the tables so that guests are spaced at least one meter apart, except for families or people sharing the same room.
  • Wear the face mask and frequently sanitize your hands with alcohol gel.
  • Personally, carry out the service of the breakfast displayed in the buffet, avoiding contact with guests and using disposable material and crockery.

Cleaning service for rooms and common areas, who:

  • Clean the room in different ways depending on whether it is already occupied by a guest (stop) or whether it is intended to welcome a new guest (departure). In the event of a halt, the room will be cleaned according to the practice in use in the company. In case of departure the room will be sanitized.
  • Clean the minibar internally and externally and ensures the integrity of the packages in the refrigerator, possibly providing to replenish it.
  • Make sure to equip the rooms or other areas of the structure with carpets or furnishings that cannot withstand daily cleaning cycles.
  • In the common areas (corridors, stairs, landings, lounges, etc.) regularly sanitize the elements that come into repeated contact with guests, such as handles, handles, push-button panels, etc. Empty and clean waste bags


The Masseria enjoys an already privileged situation, with large open spaces and rooms that have always guaranteed guests maximum privacy and ease in maintaining social distancing.


The pool is equipped with an automatic water purification system. It is constantly sanitized and supervised in compliance with all regional provisions on maximum capacity and on the use of the surrounding equipped area to facilitate distancing.

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